About Us


We’ve seen firsthand the way that paperwork errors, delays, miscommunication, and a case backlog can impact immigration applicants and the organizations that serve them. That’s why we are excited to deliver a new breed of software that makes a real difference in the lives of everyday people.

Our Vision

At FastVisa, we envision a world where the complicated and frustrating struggle of applying for immigration status is transformed into a streamlined process that facilitates global mobility, learning, and commerce for the well-being of individuals, families, communities, and nations.

Our Mission

We are committed to ensuring that organizations helping immigrants apply for legal status have a comprehensive, low-cost technology platform designed with the ideal tools to serve more people faster and with greater efficiency than ever before. In short, we know that important work deserves smart technology.

Thank you for partnering with us to bring innovation to immigration.

Our Headquarters

FastVisa’s offices are located at WeWork Thanksgiving tower in Dallas, Texas. This thriving metropolitan area is home to a vibrant immigrant population, giving us a chance to see the results of our work in our own community.

FastVisa US

1601 Elm St. 34th Floor

Dallas, Texas 75201