Green Card Renewal

Replace your Permanent Resident Card if any information on your card needs to be changed, or if your card has been lost, stolen, or damaged.

FastVisa Service Cost:



with attorney review:
Additional Government Fee: $455*

*I-90 filing fee, you will pay to USCIS after you have used Fastvisa Service.

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What Is Included

With our Citizenship Package you will be getting:


g1145 first

The form used to request an electronic notification when USCIS accepts your form.


i90 first

The form used to apply for renewal or replacement of your Green Card.

USCIS Filing Instructions


Includes how to write a check, alternative payment methods, and which USCIS address you should submit to.


Having these ready will save you time:

Your legal name, phone numbers, residence addresses, and SSNs.

How long does it take until I receive my replacement Green Card?

Processing time varies across locations, but the USCIS strives to have the process done in about 6 months after you submit your application.

What is Green Card Renewal?

Existing permanent residents have to renew their Green Cards every ten years. The application can be started six months before the expiration date. You can also use the same form for replacing a Green Card if your existing one has been lost, stolen, or destroyed. Read More