• Who is eligible?

    For business visitors grants individuals short trips to the United States to conduct business matters, including: contract negotiations, short-term training, attending conferences and in-person consulting.

  • Are there any numerical annual limits?

    There is no annual limit.

  • Duration of stay

    Initially admitted for a period of one to six months with a total stay of up to one year. The B-1 visa itself can be valid up to 10 years, depending on country of citizenship.

  • Spouses and children under 21

    Spouses and children of B-1 holders aren’t eligible to apply for a dependent visa. If the traveler would like family members to accompany him or her, separate B-2 visitor visa applications must be filed.

  • Government Filing Fees

    The filing fee that goes along with a B-1 application is $160. Premium processing is not available for B-1 applications.