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Breaking Down The O1 and H1B Visas With Startups in Mind

Hiring a foreign worker can be a great option for startup companies of all sizes. According to a Harvard Business School study immigrants have a disproportionately larger knack for entrepreneurship.

Nov 26th 2019

5 Factors Startups Should Consider Before Committing to Hiring H1B Workers

Hiring an H1B worker is a great choice for certain start-up companies. There are however a few factors to keep in mind before committing to hiring H1B employees.

Nov 25th 2019

Answering the 8 Most Common Questions Startups Have About the H1B Visa

Can a start-up company of any size sponsor H1B workers? How much is a startup's ability to pay the offered wage analyzed?What are the basic requirements a company must meet in order to apply for an H1B visa?

Nov 18th 2019

3 SEO Tactics for Immigration Law Firms

As an immigration law firm, ranking above your main competitors in Google search results will send more leads and more business your way.

Nov 11th 2019

Landing Work Visa Cases: The Tech Immigration Law Firms Need

We break down 3 categories of technological considerations to think about for immigration law firms looking to land work visa cases.

Nov 4th 2019

Legal Workflow Automation Software: 4 Features to Look For

We understand that shopping for legal workflow automation software can be an overwhelming experience. There are way too many options out there! So we’ve put together a checklist of the features immigration law firms should look out for.

Oct 27th 2019

Help Your Law Firm Rank on Google In 3 Simple Steps

A third of all your potential clients are starting their search for legal counsel online. With that piece of the client pie only set to grow, we've outlined below three simple ways your immigration law firm can rank higher for your potential client's on Google.

Oct 20th 2019

Workflow Automation Defined For Law Firms

They expect immigration law firms to demonstrate efficient practices. This is where workflow automation comes in.

Oct 16th 2019
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