01.Why should I try FastVisa?

We want you to fulfill your dream of coming to reside in America legally. The complex and lengthy forms can become an obstacle for many immigrants to that dream.

The immigration process can be confusing, lengthy, and expensive. At FastVisa, we want to help you save money and time by guiding you through the completion of the correct immigration form instead of paying a lawyer hundreds of dollars to complete them for you.

02.How is FastVisa different from using the USCIS site directly?

Our highly refined questionnaires speed up your ability to file your application with the USCIS, you don’t have to second-guess your answers or refer to a large, complex instruction manual.

03.Will FastVisa represent me if my visa is denied?

If there was an error from our application, we will take responsibility for it and correct it. If your visa was denied due to your situation, we, unfortunately, cannot help.

04.Can I work on my application forms and return later to finish?

Absolutely! Once you sign up, we keep all your progress saved and secure until you wish to complete it. Our site is safe and protected, so your personal information is never at risk. We do not sell your information to third parties either.

05.What happens if I get stuck on a question or section?

Throughout the forms, we have helpful bubbles to explain each section and examples of what the USCIS is looking for. This way you always will know what the form is asking to help you complete your application without using an instruction manual. In rare cases, you can contact us for assistance.

06.When will I be charged?

Payment is taken when you finish your application and print it off.