Facilitate global mobility with a transparent process

Immigration is an essential part of creating a strong multi-national community. With FastVisa, your agency can help people navigate the journey with greater ease.

Make bureaucracy less of a burden through the power of technology.

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Increasing Access

Make the application process intuitive

FastVisa is designed to help embassies and government agencies provide low-cost online resources to applicants. FastVisa has served the immigrant community for years, and our user-friendly interface is specifically designed to reduce errors and omissions.

Improving Collaboration

Get your people the help they need

In theory, embassies, consulates, USCIS, and Nonprofit organizations all work together to assist individuals and families in the immigration process. In reality, there must be an integrated platform in place for collaboration to be effective. FastVisa brings resources together for maximum efficiency.

Going Global

Create the future of immigration now

FastVisa’s groundbreaking technology is designed to eliminate routine and repetitive work, freeing your staff to help more people and provide a better immigration experience. This is the wave of the future, and we want you to be a part of it!

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