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From extending an F1 visa to obtaining work privileges under OPT, we help your university partner with students to open opportunities for a bright future.

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Improving Communication

Stay on Top of the Details

FastVisa eliminates tedious paper processes and the endless email threads where details get lost in the shuffle. Now, communication between your offices and potential OPT employers is easy to manage and nothing falls through the cracks.

Promoting Self-Service

Empower Students Now

FastVisa is designed to be intuitive for students from any country to use with ease. Because users have full support from our platform in completing their applications properly, you can focus on offering insight and assistance to improve the student experience even more.

Elevating Your Brand

Provide a Path to Success

Your university is a stepping stone to great things for new generations of international students seeking a phenomenal education and vital work experience. With FastVisa’s software working behind the scenes, you can make excellence look easy!

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