Integrate FastVisa with Quickbooks to conveniently create invoices and manage payments. Once integrated, you can create and handle invoices within FastVisa, and payment transactions get recorded in Quickbooks.

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Invoice Integrations
How to create an invoice in FastVisa
Create Invoice in FastVisa
Step 1:
To create an invoice in FastVisa, go to the ledger module.
Step 2:
Click + Button then select Invoice
Step 3:
Fill out necessary fields, then click Create
Synced invoices have a Quickbooks icon next to them. Synced invoices with Quickbooks cannot be edited. You can check all created invoices in FastVisa in Quickbooks.
How to check an invoice created within FastVisa in Quickbooks
Step 1:
Go to the Quickbooks Dashboard
Step 2:
Select Get paid & pay from sidebar menu
Step 3:
Click Invoices
Step 4:
View created invoice from FastVisa in the list
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