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Grow Your Immigration Practice with Ease

Serving the immigrant community is your passion—but you need more time to focus on clients. It’s time to choose technology that modernizes your workflow.

Workflow automation lets you practice law instead of pushing paperwork.

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Minimizing Admin Work

Stop the paperwork madness

Free your support team to focus on improving the client experience and running an efficient office by reducing the burden of manual and error-prone processes. FastVisa is easy for staff and clients to use, streamlining communication and providing visibility for all parties into the progress of each case.

Increasing Revenue

Integrate billing for better ROI

Serving more clients faster is just part of the equation for a thriving immigration practice. FastVisa also makes billing part of the automation process. Even better, payment is collected up front to limit the number of cases that end up in collections.

Ending the Search

Take control of your workflow

If you’ve struggled to find automation tools or systems that meets ALL your requirements, you need FastVisa. Our customizable forms and templates can be adjusted to the needs of your practice, optimizing every aspect of your workflow. We designed this platform with law firms in mind.

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