Make the Most of Your Resources

Each dollar of funding and every volunteer hour is precious for an organization that wants to make a big impact. Fully automating your workflow is a fast, low-cost way to be of greater service to your clients.

Eliminate your case backlog with a solution your team will love.

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Getting Started

Easy Implementation

FastVisa simplifies training for new team members and provides user-friendly tools that help staff and clients sail through the application process. With customizable forms and templates, FastVisa is designed to fit YOUR workflow. Don’t reinvent the wheel—just make it turn faster!

Improving the Experience

Better Communication

FastVisa eliminates back-and-forth emails and constant cellphone calls by keeping communication on the platform—where the status and progress of each case are easily tracked. As a bonus, collaboration with other agencies has never been easier.

Becoming Sustainable

Cost-Effective Operation

With government funding drying up, your non-profit can be more self-sufficient by processing a high volume of cases at a lower cost. Integrated billing collects payment in advance from applicants, improving cash flow. And with detailed reporting, you can demonstrate good stewardship to donors.

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