October 15th, 2019

Workflow Automation Defined For Law Firms

The modern-day immigration legal services consumer does not want to pay for routine work. They expect law firms to demonstrate efficient practices. This is where workflow automation comes in.

We think of workflow automation in law firms as systems or automated processes a firm has in place in order to become more productive and efficient.

The most common example is the auto-form filling. Most law firms have some software that allows standard client information to be auto-filled into legal forms.The eliminates the need to manually fill out the same information on different forms.

Case management automation is a similar term to legal workflow automation but is smaller in scope. Legal workflow automation covers the end to end workflow needs of a law firm whereas case management automation begins with case creation and ends with payment processing. One of the features that our legal workflow automation software provides is client intake automation. This is a feature most case management automation companies do not possess.

Client intake automation helps reduce the work both you and your client have to do during the prospecting stage. Check out the FastVisa Outreach section of our product page to learn what our client intake automation software can do for you.

A modern-day law firm needs to at least dabble in automation to compete in the next decade. The customer expects their money to be spent efficiently and not on routine work.

Checkout to our blog post “Legal Workflow Automation Software: 4 Features to Look For” for more detailed explanations of automation features currently on the market.

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