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What Is FastVisa

We are democratizing the U.S. immigration application by:

providing easy-to-fill electronic immigration forms

packaging a step-by-step USCIS application submission instructions

sharing infomative resources for your immigration application

giving more time for you to do other things that matter

putting more money in your pocket

Simply put, we give people resources and awesome tools to help file their immigration forms.

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Common Questions

What applications does Fastvisa support?

We currently support Citizenship/Naturalization, Fiance Visa(K-2), Green Card, Green Card Renewal, and Change of Status.

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Am I eligible to apply?

We have a resource center that provides eligibility criteria on the visas that we support.

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How much does Fastvisa cost?

We offer good values for each of our application and save time in the process. Our prices, however, do not include USCIS fees.

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I need legal advice

Fastvisa does not provide legal services, but we have legal partners that offer that service for a great price. Shoot us an email at and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!

Where can I find more of these good FAQs about FastVisa?

Lucky you! We have compiled a list of question and answers that might help right here.