The all-in-one immigration workflow solution designed to maximize efficiency, boost new business opportunities and streamline complex immigration processes.

FastVisa's Purpose

Founded in 2016 in Dallas, TX, FastVisa realized how convoluted and frustrating many of the current immigration processes can be. As you help immigrants navigate through those processes, we’re here to make your life a whole lot easier. We want to provide you with not just a case management tool but a comprehensive workflow solution. We strive not only increase your efficiency and profit margins but to help you consistently bring in new business.

Our Promise

We hold our company and every member of our team to extremely high standards of: integrity, honesty, fairness, conscientiousness and customer service. We truly believe in the work you do as immigration lawyers and attorneys, so we promise to work tirelessly to maintain your trust, respect, and business.

The New Standard for Immigration Workflow Automation.

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The New Standard for Immigration Workflow Automation
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