All-in-one Case Management Software designed specifically to handle your cases.

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A Toolbelt That Assists You in No Time!

These flexible and adjustable features will help you from the minute you meet a client to the moment you close a case.

Easily Sort Through Potential Clients

We’ll create a personalized landing page to reach out to potential clients. Work more efficiently by screening them first before taking on a case.

Effortlessly Manage Your Clients

Manage your client information seamlessly and maximize your productivity by maintaining relevant details. FastVisa helps you bring order in your cases so you don’t have to face a slew of jumbled details in your cases.
Organized Data

All customer information is sorted for easy filtering! Choose your own stickers to help recognize your cases quickly.

Relationships Management

Link relatives together to have a detailed view of your clients, and autofill their information between different forms.

Duplicate Detection

We’ll help you eliminate clutter in your workspace and have a single source of truth for all your clients.

Effectively Manage Your Cases

FastVisa simplifies how you look at the work you do. Manage different cases and view the little details efficiently. Get your work done on time, every time.

All Your Cases, All At Once

View and access all information and details for a case in a single glance. From relevant documents and forms to payment transactions are available for you in one screen.

Track Important Dates

Never miss a due date with our deadline tracking system. Complete tasks and fill out forms all according to your timeline!

Enhance Your Case Performance

Analyze details and solve cases in a new way. Our workflow automation brings your immigration practice into overdrive! Maximize your productivity with our customizable tools.
Personal Work

Smarter Tools, Better Team, Happier You

Discover a multitude of fully customizable features that will benefit you, no matter where you’re from or the amount of clients you’re working with.

Stay on top of things with an Organised Desk!

Our product is created in a way that will benefit all users ranging from solo practitioners, small firms, medium until large firms. All features and tools are adjustable to your needs.


FastVisa will send reminders of important dates so you’ll never miss a due date ever again.


Shows and communicates what you want to achieve in more predictable ways and ensures that a project stays on track.

Stickers and Tags

Create your own tags, categorize your clients and cases, and identify them a lot quicker!

Work Through Tasks Intuitively With Multiviews

Optimize your workflow with a flexible to-do list, choose different views to what suits you best!

See and tackle active tasks on your to-do list.


You can see, categorize, and move tasks easily within different groups that you make.


Organize your/your team’s tasks based on the date and never miss a deadline.

Collaborative Work

Connect and Team Up!

Handing over your work to your team has never been easier. Always be informed with what’s happening in different cases. Use FastVisa’s communication tools to increase collaboration within your team.

Stay Aligned, Work Together

Move cases a lot faster and increase your team’s productivity by communicating what you’ve done or need to do for a case.

Recent Case Activities

Stay in the loop with anything related to your case, from interactions to discussions between team members, even when you’re not there!

Inbox System

Create different channels to discuss and solve issues with your clients. Track conversations and keep a historical archive of your ideas.


Communicate only to your colleagues, track back all progress your team made, and they can pick up where you left off.
Customer and Client Interaction

Talk, Engage, and Support Your Clients

FastVisa creates a bridge between you and your client. Create your very own client portal and build meaningful relationships.

Work With Your Clients, Not for Them

Increase efficiency by showing your clients what you’re up to and work together as a team. As you work together, you can communicate how you can help each other.
Client Portal

Communicate with clients through our portal, give out homework to them, and have them upload files that you need in the case!

User-Friendly Questionnaires

Customize your own questions in a way that your clients’ will understand so that you can support each other in the case.

Visible Milestones

Help your clients see how their cases are being managed over time and celebrate your milestones together.

Easy-Track Payment System

Clients can see what they’ve paid before, how much they need to pay next, and the due date for their next payment!

Dedicated Communication Space

Communicate directly to your clients on anything, even homework that they need to complete before a meeting.

Multi-Case Support

Working on many cases at the same time? Your clients will be able to see and track each of their cases’ progress.

Business Management

Say Goodbye to Stacks of Papers and Analytics

Focus on what matters. We understand that managing business can create clutter. That's why we want to help you organize your work!

See Everything in Real-Time

Make quick decisions, align all of your activities, and create effective strategy as your firm moves forward.
Custom Report System

In addition to our standard reports, you can create your own custom reports, just the way you want it.


Have an accurate view of how things are run to see what’s the best next step in your goals.

Sales and Marketing

Understand who your customers are and who brings profit for your business.

Payment and Billing

Keep track of all your firm’s finances with FastVisa and securely process everything without worry!

Connect FV to Other Tools

Manage your firm's payments and works by leveraging experience with other apps for accountability for time and resources.


Sync your FastVisa account to a reliable online payment gateway.


Sync your tasks through one-way sync between your Fastvisa account and external Calendar. Let's get you integrated more ways than one!


Sync your invoices, payments, and even clients through one-way sync between your FastVisa account and QuickBooks online to save time on bookkeeping tasks.

Designed With You and Your Clients in Mind

We believe in the work you do and we’re here to make that work a whole lot easier. FastVisa is the best all-in-one workflow automation and case management software, specifically designed for immigration law firms.

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